mardi 6 septembre 2011

Dark circles under eyes

Option n°1: the tea bag way
you will need: 2 tea bags (green tea or rosemary tea)
 place the tea bags over your eyes and leave for 15 to 20 minutes once a day
Option n°2: moisturizer
Apply moisturizer every morning to the area under your eyes or extra virgin olive oil.
people get dark circles because the skin around the eye area is very dry by moisturizing around your eyes will make the skin less dry and within a couple of days your dark circle will start to go.
Option n°3: coverage
use a light conceler under your eyes and your dark circle will be gone (untill you wash it off hihih :D )

Extra little tip: Drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid caffeine and alcohol. These things can contribute to bags and dark circles.

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