vendredi 28 octobre 2011

You will need:
-glue (I'm using eyelash glue)
-tissue paper
-red lipstick or fake blood if you have any (for the blood)
-purple, gray, red, black and green eye shadows (for the bruises)
-skin colored foundation
1st step: Clean area where you chosen to put the fake wound 
2nd step: apply the glue and then add a small amount of cotton.
3rd step: apply a small amount of glue around the cotton then apply some tissue paper on top of the glued area wait 15secondes and then ruffly rub the tissue paper to make a grazed effect, when dry apply over the tissue paper some skin colored foundation.
4th step: apply purple and green eyeshadow around the tissue paper and blend with your fingers on to the tissue paper then apply a really small amount of gray eyeshadow and blend with the other colors (you can use a blending brush if you have one it will be easier) .

5th step: apply a generous amount of red lip stick on to of the cotton area then mix a small amount of black eyeshadow and blend outwards (apply more red lipstick if needed) apply red eyeshadow around the wound and that is it :)  

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